Millions of people suffer from dizziness or vertigo, and balance disorders. Vertigo is the medical term used to describe spinning, whirling, or a motion of either you or the room spinning. In many cases the day-to-day activities are interrupted because of severe dizziness. The cause of your vertigo may be a number of things such as a head injury (whiplash trauma), daily activities of sitting at a computer or desk inducing abnormal head position, a possible stroke, or other physical, chemical, or emotional stresses.


A condition which affects close to 4 million people, mostly women, but it does affect men as well. It is a health condition which is often missed or diagnosed after time. Fibromyalgia (also termed chronic pain syndrome) is a condition in which people have widespread pain all over the body and suffer with fatigue, digestive problems, brain fog, sleeping problems, and even depression. Fibromyalgia can be brought on suddenly by a traumatic event (a fall, accident, surgery) or even emotional or chemical stress. It isn't uncommon for a person with fibromyalgia to go years without being properly diagnosed or treated.


You or someone you know may have experienced sciatica, a form of peripheral neuropathy affecting the sciatic nerve in the pelvic region. The common complaint is pain that radiates from the inferior buttock region, especially with sitting and standing, the pain is often sharp, with possible numbness and tingling sensation. Muscle weakness of the low back and leg, muscle spasms are also commonly described. The pain eventually goes away, but may return several months later.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by many things...stress, fatigue, poor posture, poor work habits sitting for hours in front of a computer, whiplash injuries, pinched nerve, tight muscles, and other health conditions. Most individuals resort to over the counter medication, cortisone injections, even surgery with little or no relief and simply resort to "living with their pain." There is another approach, a non-surgical approach, without medication.

Back Pain

About 80 percent of the United States adults have been bothered by back pain at some time in their lives. Studies have shown that 88% of those with back pain have had recurrent back pain throughout the same year. Back pain sufferers also report disruptive sleep patterns, difficulty carrying out daily activities at work and at home, relational problems affecting family and friends, and back pain even affects their sex life.




Sports-Related Injuries

Weather you are an amateur athlete, a pro athlete, weekend warrior, or just enjoy water activities on the lake and staying active, injuries happen and they can take you out of the game. For years pro athletes like Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers, Nolan Ryan, Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jubbar, and Carl Lewis all have utilized chiropractic care because of their sport and conditioning, they realize the importance of their health and ability to perform.


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