Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by many things... stress, fatigue, poor posture, poor work habits sitting for hours in front of a computer, whiplash injuries, pinched nerve, tight muscles, and other health conditions. Most individuals resort to over the counter medication, cortisone injections, even surgery with little or no relief and simply resort to "living with their pain." There is another approach, a non-surgical approach, without medication.

Many people suffer with chronic neck pain are unable to function on a daily basis due to their debilitating pain. Sleep at night diminishes as one tries to find comfort in a non-painful position.

Uncovering the true "cause" of your problem is the only way to end your neck pain.

As a chiropractor with an emphasis in chiropractic neurology I look at the brain to body connection to get to the real causes of most health conditions. I perform a very thorough neurological examination to determine where there is a problem in the nervous system that’s causing one’s health conditions. In patients with neck pain I often find it’s an over firing upper brain stem (mesencephalon). What does this mean? Simply put, there is an "imbalance" in frequency of firing between your cerebellum (controls postural muscles of the neck) and cortex, which both help to regulate your upper brain stem. When the upper brain stem is "over firing" it sends a signal down the spinal column and causes muscles to lock up, increasing rigidity in the spine, decreased motion, and an increase in disc pressure, pinched nerves, and essentially a release of inflammatory chemicals into the bloodstream.

The brain communicates to the body much like the hard drive in a computer; it is our Master System. Any interruption in this Master System in the way of physical, chemical, emotional, or toxic stress causes poor health conditions result. Getting the brain and body in balance are key to helping your body function optimally, decrease your pain, and maintain health.

Dr. Rabo runs a very busy office and does not accept all cases. If you are interested in setting up a FREE consultation to see if you would qualify for this type of care then call the office at: 530-846-6262

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