Testimonial from Kim Regarding Our TRT Therapy

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When I first started coming to Dr. Rabo I suffered from chronic ocular migraines and tension headaches, as well as sciatica. The headaches caused me to be ill and lose sleep regularly, while the sciatica hindered my physical activity. With regular adjustments, I have been able to keep my headaches at bay without taking any NSAIDS or OTC medicine. The sciatica is completely gone, with no residual low back pain. Regular chiropractic care has also helped me rehabilitate my knee after having 2 surgeries in the past two years. My husband and my two teen children have also benefitted tremendously from regular adjustments. We will most definitely continue our chiropractic care with Dr. Rabo in conjunction with traditional medicine and a healthy diet to ensure we feel our best!


Around age 55, the back and hip pain that I had most of my adult life, became unbearable. My daily activities were affected and no medical doctor offered any concern or care. Out of desperation I requested physical therapy and that only increased the pain. So reluctantly I tried Chiropractic adjustments and the care provider found I was eligible for total disability. They found I should not have been working the last ten years. This faced an early retirement from my RN position. The only choice for care available was to continue with adjustments and other unsuccessful relief ideas.My goal was to find care locally and an office that would bill Medicare. A longtime friend of mine shared her favorable results from Dr. Rabo’s care. My previous care had never resulted in long term or gradual improvement. But, I was determined to keep mobile. After reviewing my x-rays, Dr. Rabo explained my condition to me. No other medical professional had ever taken that much time or showed that much concern. I was ready to start immediately! Her gentle technique and encouraging words about gradual body change were new to me. An increase in energy was the first result of her care. I have less pain and better health. The positive energy that flows in Dr. Rabo’s office makes me want to go in there every time I’m near. My care started in October 2012 and by Christmas , I was improved and continuing monthly maintenance care.


I had lower back pain and was not able to stand up straight. I was told this is part of getting old and that I needed to live with it. A friend told me about how great Dr. Rabo was and how much she had helped her. I can now stand up straight and walk a little without my walker. I am able to sleep better and I have not taken any pain medication since I started the treatments. I can take walks now! Not long ones yet. This has been 3 weeks since I started chiropractic treatments. Thank you for all your tender care and compassion.


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