Do you suffer with dizziness and balance problems? Do you feel clumsy, bump into things often, or nauseous at times? Do certain positions induce dizziness? Do you have headaches or light sensitivity?

Millions of people suffer from dizziness or vertigo, and balance disorders. Vertigo is the medical term used to describe spinning, whirling, or a motion of either you or the room spinning. In many cases the day-to-day activities are interrupted because of severe dizziness. The cause of your vertigo may be a number of things such as a head injury (whiplash trauma), daily activities of sitting at a computer or desk inducing abnormal head position, a possible stroke, or other physical, chemical, or emotional stresses.

These stresses cause abnormal spinal positioning and abnormal nerve firing of the brain and cerebellum, responsible for controlling balance, coordination, and spinal postural muscles. The dysfunction of the nervous system, regarding the cerebellum is usually the real cause of the problem. There are specific tests that a chiropractic neurologist will perform to determine where the dysfunction is in the cerebellum.

Tests may include:

  • Unilateral adjustments to appropriate parts of the spine. One-sided only adjustments will help to fire the joint muscle spindles of the same side cerebellum and opposite frontal lobe. A global adjustment will be made to the thoracic (mid back) region and lumbar (low back) region.
  • A warm caloric may be given in the ear on the side of the cerebellum that is under firing. A warm caloric is simply warm water into the ear to help stimulate the same side cerebellum.
  • Eye exercises; specific eye exercises to the appropriate side help to fire the cerebellum and opposite frontal cortex.
  • Heat is therapeutic and promotes healing in the body with blood flow and soft tissue relaxation to the affected region. A moist heating pad may be applied to induce relief from pain and promote a soothing affect of tight or spasmed muscles.

Other therapies may also be used.

Dr. Rabo runs a very busy office and does not accept all cases. If you are interested in setting up a FREE consultation to see if you would qualify for this type of care then call the office at: 530-846-6262.

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